Momentum Partners, LLC supports Leaders
in surpassing goals & delivering outstanding performance.
What We Do
In real time, we support leaders in
applying frameworks that achieve
unprecedented results to help leaders
implement change.

These are the great outcomes we
realize together ...
  • Speed in Product R&D and Market
    reduced from 18 months to 6 months
  • Brand Team delivers 50% revenue
  • Deliver on a 9 month project in 7 weeks

Partnering with Leaders to:
Optimize Business Outcomes, we
  • Accelerate Productivity
  • Develop Great Leaders
  • Execute Strategy Rapidly
  • Achieve Full-Value Implementation
  • Realize Innovation through Full Execution
  • Maximize Efficiency - in Processes, the
    Environment, Leadership, Product
  • Develop the Workforce

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Online Learning -- via our Campus or
Class Dates for 2015 Added - Virtual Option to Get
Certified from the Comfort of Your Computer!
Online Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification


We are working on the following:
  • A Training Package for Critical Business Skills
  • Measurement of Manufacturing Excellence
  • Instilling Leadership Best Practices for Integration & Change
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Alignment Optimization for Technology Implementation
  • Leader Think Tank (LTT)

Learn about the Best Practices Process that top
Leaders apply …
(See More on Work of Leaders)
Ask us about the The Work of Leaders profile and new book,
published by Wiley.

    "I have been reading the book you sent me The Work of
    Leaders. ... Wow. It is wonderful. Thank you so much for this
    great gift of insight. Wonderful."
    R&D Leader, Fortune 500 Company

Upcoming Presentations

05/21/15PMI Delaware Valley Chapter

Previous Presentations

09/30/14 HBA Metro Chapter Event (Stamford, CT) "Harness
Change and Accelerate through Alignment Optimization"

06/18/14 Human Resources Professionals of Central PA
Lunch & Learn
"Touch, Feel, Experience and Learn About new
DiSC® Profiles"

05/01/14 NJOD Annual Sharing Day "Building Sustainable
Client-Centered Solutions, Internally or Externally"
[click HERE to view the slides from this presentation]

Trainer's Edge SIG, ASTD Philadelphia Chapter "Touch,  Feel,
Experience and Learn About NEW DiSC® Profiles – Bring Out
the Best in  Yourself & Others"

Chem Pharma NJ Chapter Meeting "Leading Others – Best
Practices and Bettering Your Leadership Capability"

Virtual Session"Tips from Leading Others - Leadership Best

Virtual Session "Be a Star Performing Entrepreneur"

ASTD-PHL 2013 Regional Conference
PMI-NJ 27th Annual Symposium
"Leading Others – Best Practices and Bettering Your Leadership

Global Conference in San Diego
Wendy Blumenstein was honored that Inscape Publishing: A Wiley
Brand asked her to share her experience in business marketing,
planning and implementation at their global conference in San Diego.
Momentum Partners, LLC had just celebrated its 25th year in
business with Wendy as the Managing Principal. Inscape publishes
DiSC®, the most trusted learning instrument in the industry, which is
used worldwide for organizational development and performance
improvement. Yearly, millions of people use DiSC®.  It helps improve
communication, eases frustration and conflict, and develops effective
managers and teams.

GPSEG Financial Executives subgroup meeting "Leading
Others – Best Practices and Bettering Your Leadership